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Autumn Wreaths

A wreath on the door gives a warm welcome and friendly hello before guests even step in the door! This year I have been making MANY wreaths! I started making wreaths to sell to neighbors over the summer and then I brought some to sell at my craft shows... I've got a few shows coming up for fall and decided to make some pretty autumn wreaths. This is the one I made for my very own door...

I just LOVE the varying hughes of the green leaves and the natural elements! I find that grape vine wreaths are very easy to work with and super affordable!

I start out by cutting apart all my sprigs with wire cutters. I like to use fauc lamb's ear, eucalyptus, and other mixed greenery close to the same shade of green. Mixing the shapes of the leaves is what makes it interesting looking! For this wreath I also added in some dried wheat that I found in a dried floral bouquet at Homegoods.

I do a mix of hot glue and wire some of the greenery in the grapevine wreath base and then hot glue on the other items. I found these velvet cream and blue-green pumpkins at Hobby Lobby and knew they would go perfectly with the color scheme of my other home decor!

Pinecones are also a nice natural addition... and they're practically free! We have tons around the pond in our neighborhood!

I didn't add a bow but you can always add one to match the color scheme of the season. I like to hang my front door wreaths at an angle.... I think it kinda looks artsy that way!

Here's another wreath I made similar to the one on my door...

Here's one I had for sale at my fall porch sale.. I added dried oranges, dried apples, and faux acorns to this one!

For this one I did a mix of cotton, dried florals, pumpkins, AND dried fruit!

A white peony and white hydrangea was added to this one!

An easy way I found to get a lot of faux florals at once is to buy them at the end of the season and save them for next year! I also find great discounts on bouquets of dried flowers and they are great for splitting up to use on multiple wreaths. Tell me, do you switch out a wreath on the door for the seasons? I'd love to see a photo!

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