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Campfire Mug Candles

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Nothing reminds me more of fall than sitting outside in the cool weather next to warm fire!

Today, I'm bringing a little element of fall to my front porch decor with this mini campfire mug candle. This pumpkin spice scented candle has all the autumn feels and is perfect for gift giving as well!

To make this easy DIY candle, you will need:

Mini mug (I found them at Hobby Lobby)

Soy wax flakes

Your favorite fall scented fragrance oils

Clothespins or wick holders

Small wicks

Hot glue gun & hot glue

Glass bowl and spoon


About the wax.... I made 50 of these candles.. yes 50! It took almost 2 of these 4 lb boxes of these soy wax flakes from Michael's craft store. I usually just eyeball it/estimate and fill the container up with the unmelted flakes 3x to measure. But.. HERE is a wax calculator you can use if you really want to be precise.

For the scents, I used cinnamon and pumpkin pie purchased from HERE on Amazon. This set of fragrances came with six scents that included gingerbread and a delicious smelling apple cider scent.

To make the lettering, I used permanent back vinyl and my cricut machine. The font is called BLESSED and is from SageMaker on Creative Fabrica. I weeded around the letters and used transfer tape to place it on the mug.

A little dab of hot glue will hold the metal part of the wick in place. A clothespin can be used to hold the wick in the center or you can use wick holders.

I used the microwave to melt the wax flakes at 2 minute intervals, until completely melted, stirring inbetween.

The wax needs to be poured at 135 degrees, so that is when the cooking thermometer comes in handy. It took 15-20 minutes for it to cool to that temperature. I added 20 drops of each scent and stirred slowly. Then poured into the mug. Once the wax is solidified you can trim the wick... and you are done!

There's a little critter or squirrel that visits my porch each night and knocks a few things over. He's even moved a pumpkin or two! I love how this candle makes the porch cozy and inviting ..even for the squirrels!

I love seasonal scented candles! Are you a pumpkin spice fan? What's YOUR favorite autumn scent?

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