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Craft Room Tour

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

A bright, happy, well organized craft room is a thing of beauty, am I right? Everything in it's place, and a place for everything. If I told you my happy place looked this way all the time and it was just oh so pristine and clean all the time because I am a master organizer and clean freak... I... would.. be.. lying. Scroll on...

THIS! This is real life below. On a typical day this is how my craft space looks... messy, cluttery, like a CRAFTER-NADO hit! This is what I call a "crafting frenzy." This mess leftover from a late night inspirational crafting session ...and it's okay! Later it will all go back together, spit-spot, like Mary Poppins cleaning the toy room and on another late night it will all explode again. We just call that creativity in it's best moment!

When everything is all tidy and neat, and I can start a new project again, it looks like this:

When house hunting last year, I knew I definitely needed a bigger space for all of my art supplies and hobbies. Cause with, well, new hobbies comes new tools. And new tools for new hobbies means lotsa lotsa storage!

Here is the before photo of this room right before we moved in:

It was a beautiful room with tall windows and that beauty-and-the-beast library ceiling! While touring the home with the owner, I learned that the owner was an actual artist herself! I knew this room was destined to be a beautiful space for fun, creativity, and crafting!

After moving in and after months of unboxing, I finally got to plan out this room. Anyone's craft room or craft storage area is an ever-evolving process that is always changing. With new hobbies, things move around and areas are rearranged. I am still not done with storage concepts and I'm needing a bit of organization on the walls, but wanted to share with you the process. Based upon the storage needs of my old office, I knew I needed four distinct areas to start as my basis for setting up in this new room:

1) A space for crafting and photographing crafts

2) A desk space for my laptop

3) A space for large tools to stay out like the Cricut, paper cutter, and die cut machine

4) Storage for all the art supplies

The farmhouse style crafting desk below is by Magnolia. I got it at a local store on sale and at a discount for a few scratches! I'm so excited to have a piece of Joanna in my craft room! I haven't decided on stools yet, but I mostly stand while making crafts anyways. The drawer is great and holds extra die cuts I have made and some stickers.

A designated desk space for my laptop is very important to me. With Makerie Day, editing photos/videos, working on my TPT Pre-K Tweets store... I need an area that is always available for me to plug my laptop in and be ready to work.

This side of the room works for now but looking to move the printer down below and maybe paint and hang the frames up. What do you think? Do you have a printer storage problems or solutions?

So this is the desk area where I work on my computer, drink the herbaly teas, sniff the smelly candles, and get sidetracked looking out the pretty window! Above the desk are two burlap bulletin boards from my wedding that I now use to display cards given to me, current doodles, and to do lists. To the left of my printer is a paper cart purchased from Michael's that is already getting full of hoards of scrapbook paper! On top is a pink scale from Amazon for future Esty order goals! (A girl can dream, can't she?) The basket holds my Happy Planner recipe book and stickers. There is also a mini HP sprocket printer for instant recipe photos. Click here to see how I use this mini printer with the recipe book!

Again, this is real life....

...and this is on a good day. : ) Probably one of those days when guests are coming over!

A happy accident with the kitchen led to me getting these cabinets and I really am grateful for them. I can have all my big cutters and machines out ready to use at any time. The counter is quartz and is heat proof and stain proof. The cabinets are great for hiding the not-so-pretty stuff!

To the right of the cabinets there is a little white cart, also purchased from Michael's.

It holds my punches, extra stamping mats, and card holders for my Makerie Day parties.

Under the window nearby, I have a crate I painted and added casters to. This crate holds all of my gift bags.

And now, for the pièce de résistance! (Insert heavenly music here) The glorious white bookshelves of my Pinterest dreams that holds all of my art supplies!

To keep things somewhat organized, I purchased online and had shipped clear shoe boxes from The Container Store. Black chalkboard labels keeps things orderly and are from Amazon. I like this system because I change around the contents of the boxes sometimes and I can easily wipe off the chalk marker on the label and rename.

This is one of my favorite containers I found at Homegoods. It holds tall tools like glue pens, watercolor brushes, and my Stampin Up Wink of Stella glitter brush.

Here's another view of the shoe boxes. These stamps can only be contained for so long. I know there will be a day coming where this collection will outgrow the boxes and have to be reorganized! Sticker embellishments, cut-outs, and what I call "extra do-dads" are stored in that pretty bin to the right from World Market. I pick up a ton of these "do-dads" from Tuesday Mornings and even that bin is about to overflow!

Ohhh the glitter shelf... Don't you just love the colors all lined up like that?! Here we have Tombow marker storage in Ikea planters, Micron pens/Sharpie storage, and extra little fun things I've made laying around. Oh and that glitter shelf? It's actually an Apple Watch box that is the perfect size!

And ohhh the rainbow of colorful inks and paints! I found the paint storage organizer at Joann's in the clearance! I love to find good deals!

Here is the paper storage for solid colored cardstock, white cardstock, printer paper, construction paper, notebook paper, etc. The three white boxes are empty, I have no idea what to put in them yet!

One of my favorite things in my craft room is my postcard rack. It adds a bit of whimsy! I got it when Books A Million was going out of business and used it at my wedding reception. Guests could take black and white photo postcards home. Now it stores my Makerie Day handmade cards!

Next is the fireplace area. What? A fireplace? Who has that in their craft room? I must be on an episode of 90's MTV cribs?! It's kind of a neat feature, seldom used, and something I've had to work around. It would have been good wall space for more storage but it IS fun to use it to display artwork and little crafty things! I like how the bunty thing looks and I've only caught a shimmery tassel on fire once! Fireside crafting.. it has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

The step of the fireplace holds my ever growing fake cactus collection, yarn storage for all those yarn projects I don't know how to do but have high hopes for, and my beachy fairy garden... because where do you put a fairy garden, really? I've had my fairy gardens outside and they just get covered in dirt and mud and rain, so here it sits. Also, I have on the fireplace step is a little three drawer thing from Homegoods that I don't know where to put so it just stays there. It holds my cell phone charger, cables, remotes, and washi tape. Looking for alternative washi tape storage solutions. Washi tape is too pretty to be stuck in a drawer and I'd really like to see it on display. Got any ideas?

So now you know where I work, dream, and craft the night away!

My craft room organization ideas come from hours upon hours of late night scrolling on Pinterest drooling over other beautiful craft rooms! I take some ideas and then do what works best for me! Again, it's a never ending process of finding a place for everything. I've gone from one shoe box, to craft closet, craft/office, to craft rooooom!

Do you have any craft room organization tips to share? Let me know below!

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