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Hand Stamped Jewelry

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

I've loved hand stamped jewelry for a long time! I have a few hand stamped pieces and I think it's just a nice way to make a personalized gift! You can stamp words or even small images.. and I just love the artistic look of how it turns out!

I recently earned enough extra points at Michael's craft store to purchase the Impress Art metal stamping kit... a kit that I've been eyeing for quite a while! I tried my "hand" at hand stamping today.. (haha) and I must say it's a bit more difficult than I expected...

You definitely need a sturdy, stable surface to work on... I used my hefty kitchen farmhouse table. And then I found that the Impress Art hammer didn't work quite as well has my regular hardware store hammer. I'm not that strong and the regular hammer was heavier than the Impress Art hammer.

I also explored stamping with different surfaces.. The brass was almost impossible but I found the easiest to be the copper. I have heard pewter is soft and I might try that next time.

I also found some metal jewelry blank kits on clearance and tried some of those. Some were more difficult than others. It was nice though, because they already came with beads and a chain!

The Impress Art kit comes with tape, but I ended up using washi tape to hold down the blanks.

After you stamp the letters, you fill it in with the Impress Art marker...give it a few minutes to dry and wipe it off. The black stays in the indentations... mostly. You have to practice with it to get a consistent look.

It's definitly an expensive hobby (the metal stamp can be expensive) and one that takes some practice!

If you can get a "hand-le" on hand stamping blanks : ) then you can get even more creative with stamping rings, bracelets, and even spoons! I've seen some very pretty spoon necklaces at some craft shows! I have a silver silverware set that I'm going to try stamping on soon. Do you own any hand stamped jewelry? What words would you stamp? Do you have a favorite quote?

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