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Happy Planner Recipe Book

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

I bet you've heard of The Happy Planner by now.. you know, the cute one in the craft stores with all the brightly colored fun stickers?! But have you heard of the Happy Planner Recipe Organizer? Today I started a new hobby, I call it "cookbooking!" I've basically started my own recipe documentation in the form of a cookbook/scrapbook! I loooove The Happy Planner brand and I have a Happy Planner monthly planner book. The coordinating stickers are just so fun and happy! I was so surprised that I did not know about The Happy Planner recipe organizer book! I came across it on Pinterest a few days ago and quickly ordered it off Amazon Prime.

Along with the organizer, I ordered stickers and extra refill pages for the book. I have MANY recipes I want to write down! My spicy beef pot roast, my mother in-law's dressing, and my grandma's Italian meatballs..just to name a few!

The organizer has tabs for favorites, main dishes, small dishes, soups + salads, healthy, breakfast, dessert, and miscellaneous.

I really like the pretty food illustrations throughout!

There are MANY sticker packs made by The Happy Planner! This food sticker pack has multiple food images.. it even has taco tuesday stickers, pies, colorful cupcakes, ice cream cones, and sushi!

Here's my first entry! I decided to "cookbook" about by homemade banana bread! I made and posted about this easy 5-step banana bread just the other day! I decorated the page with stickers, script writing, my own doodles, and my own photos!

FYI...The pages in the book do have lines for writing. My photo below makes it looks like there are no lines.

Printing was super EASY! I bought an HP Sprocket printer today and it is sooo tiny! It requires NO INK, connects wirelessly to your phone, and has sticker backed paper...perfect for snapping a quick photo of your breakfast, lunch, or dinner! (Upon setup, you get to name your Sprocket..I named mine Spacely's Sprocket! 🤣 #thejetsons)

This set up (with planner & printer) makes creating my own personal cookbook a breeze! The small photos that the Sprocket prints are the perfect size for this book! The printer prints on HP zinc photo paper.

It took about three tries at first to get the coloring how I wanted it on my first photo. I used a photo that I used an instagram filter on and imported it from my iphone photo gallery into the Sprocket app. The instagram filters I usually use are very light. I darkened the photo a bit in the Sprocket app and it came out perfect. It printed within seconds! I still can't believe how small it is and that it fits into my purse!

I can't wait to fill up more pages in this book and have fun doing it! It's basically like keeping a food or cooking journal! In the end it's something you can keep forever and whip out when you need a tried and true recipe!

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