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Instant Pot Beef Soup

This is my simple beef soup soup recipe to keep you warm during those cold winter months! It's SO simple and fast because you use... leftovers! The base of this soup is my leftover Instant Pot Spicy Pot Roast. You can find the recipe, ingredients, and details by clicking the link or searching on my recipe page.

The few ingredients I add to this soup are:

Leftover spicy beef pot roast

32 oz carton of beef broth (or what you have left in the carton from making the pot roast)

A handful of baby carrots

A few stalks of celery

A couple of small potatoes

Black pepper

Salt (optional, I don't usually add salt unless it absolutely needs it)

A sprinkling of Paprika (I loooove paprika, so I add a few sprinklings)

A cup of thin vermicelli noodles or orzo

*This is not a soup I really measure for, I just kinda eyeball it. If you like lots of carrots, add more! If you don't like much celery, add less!

I chop the carrots and celery into tiny bite size pieces and I peel/quarter the potatoes.

To the pot I add... the leftover pot roast and tomato sauce it is in, carrots, celery, potatoes, beef broth, paprika, pepper, (salt). I add water to make it rise to the fill line. Stir...

I set the timer to soup/30 minutes. Make sure the knob is set to sealing and the lid is locked. I turn on I Love Lucy, clean the cutting board, set out the bowls, and wait for this delicious soup to simmer!

You can do a quick release or a natural release, it's really up to you, you can't go wrong. I add the noodles or orzo at this point. Lock the lid, knob to sealing, and set it for 5 minutes more. The reason I do the noodles later is because they would get too mushy if cooking for the whole time.

Doesn't that look DELICIOUS!!!??? Just typing out this blog post, and seeing that photo, makes me want to go have a bowl! Warm, spicy, and savory!

Best served with a warm crusty bread and butter!

Let me know if you liked this recipe below! What kinds of soups do YOU make in your Instant Pot? Chicken noodle, potato, vegetable, chicken tortilla? Let me know below!

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