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Lavender Rose Sachets

A sachet... a little scented bag of potpourri to keep in drawers and linen closets. A pretty little gift to give and fun little DIY project to make!

These little sachets are so easy to make and turned out so pretty too! The bags were purchased in a pack at Michael's craft store. The lavender seeds were leftover from my wedding. The dried rose petals were in the soap/candlemaking section of the craft store. My mom and I made two kinds of sachet bags... some stamped and some with a lavender seed wreath.

The stamped bags were very simple. Just stamp and you are done! I'm thinking of making fall scented sachets with pumpkin stamps!

For the wreaths, draw a circle with clear drying glue. I put a piece of cardstock inside the bag so the glue wouldn't seep through the backside. Then, turn over the bag and press into a plate of seed.

Let dry and glue on a bow made with twine....

We used heavy wooden stamps to set on top of the bags to help press down the seeds. You could also use heavy books.

Mix up a batch of rose petals and lavender seeds.... and put about three spoonfuls into each bag.

An easy, pretty, scented gift that anyone would love to receive!

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