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Lemon Soap and Sugar Scrub

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Squeeze the day! Homemade gifts can be so SWEET!

I love to create homemade gifts for neighbors and friends! I also love to sell themed gift baskets! This lemon soap and sugar scrub will be sure to sweeten someone's day!

For this easy lemon soap recipe I used:

2 pounds of shea butter soap from Michael's craft store

Juice of one lemon

Zest of one lemon

20 drops of lemon essential oil

Yellow soap dye coloring

Silicone square molds

Labels or scrapbook paper

You will also need a glass bowl, microwave, and spoon.

I cut the block into cubes and placed into a glass bowl. Then, I microwaved the soap in 1 minute intervals and stirred till it was liquid. I let it cool about 5 minutes then added lemon juice and the oil. I also stirred in a few drops of dye till I reached the perfect creamy yellow coloring. I poured into the molds and sprinkled lemon zest on top.

It cooled for about an hour before I popped out the square bars. I wish you had smellavision so you could smell how good my kitchen smelled!

I created my own labels and printed on cardstock. I wrapped the label around the soap and secured with clear tape on the back. You can easily just make labels out of lemon printed scrapbook paper! The lemon pattern I used is from my monthly Creative Fabrica account.

I packed the soaps in clear mini bags and tied with baker's twine....

For the lemon sugar scrubs here is my recipe and here are the things you will need:

White sugar

Jar of coconut oil

Juice of a few lemons

Lemon essential oil

A cute tag out of scrapbook paper or a stamp


4 ounce glass Ball jars with metal canning lids

You will also need a 2 glass bowls, a spoon, and microwave.

Depending on how much you want to make will depend on how much sugar, oil, etc. to use. I started out small with a cup of sugar in the glass bowl. I melted 1/3 cup of coconut oil in the microwave till melted.. only a few seconds. I added the oil to the sugar, put in a few drops of oil and lemon juice. I stirred the mix and if it was too liquidy I added more sugar till it got juuuust right! You kinda want the consistency of a lemon sorbet!

After each of my jars were full, I screwed on the lids tightly. I then added string and a lemon tag I made off an image on Creative Fabrica. You can also take a half of a lemon cut legnthwise, dip in yellow paint, and stamp it on white paper. Then you can write "squeeze the day" on the paper, cut it out, hole punch, and tie to the jars with string!

Here's the gift basket I created for some SWEET teachers with these goodies...

If you decide to try making these lemon soaps or scrubs...let me know! Life is sweeter when we share! Want more lemon themed ideas for a makerie day? Click HERE!

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#makerieday on Instagram... I'd love to see what you create!

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