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Porch Pop Up Shop

Have you ever heard of a porch sale? Our neighborhood participates in twice a year yard sale and I love to participate! It's so much fun to meet new neighbors! I sell my crafts displayed like a pop up shop on the front porch! We hand out free snacks and drinks and play festive music! I do one in the summer and one in the fall and it's always so much fun!

To set up, I pulled out some furniture from my home and I also used some display racks from my actual craft shows. I marked every furniture piece and decor items that were not for sale with tags. I nailed the wreaths for sale right on the porch posts. I also decorated the porch ahead of time to make it look welcoming with real pumpkins in the garden!

For this fall porch pop up, we had cold apple cider and freshly popped popcorn from our popcorn machine! We also played bluegrass music off of my Ryobi battery powered stereo. I lit scented fall candles and even kept the porch light on because the weather was actually dreary that day.

We had so many neighbors stop by and some friends even showed up even in when it started to thunder and downpour! It cleared up shortly after that and we had a steady stream of customers all afternoon!

I LOVED setting up the displays and arranging the items!

We sold all sorts of seasonal decor, gifts, handmade jewelry, paintings, wreaths, and our bath and body items!

I made little price signs and used place card holder and picture frames to display them..

This is my card rack that I try to keep stocked year round... many of my neighbors need last minute cards and I'm happy to make them!

We have a lot of schools nearby and I love to create little gifts for families to buy and give to their favorite teachers! I used to be a teacher and I remember how much a little treat is appreciated!

We also had some mini pumpkins for sale for kids to pick out! Maybe next year we will have a pumpkin painting craft area in the yard for kids.. wouldn't that be a fun fall activity to do on a Saturday afternoon?

Making displays, pricing, advertising, using my credit card machine, interacting with customers allowed me to practice for when I would participate in a real craft show! I have a few lined up for fall, so we'll see how they go! Have you ever been to a porch sale? Have you thought about having one yourself? If you ever have one, I'd love to see your ideas!

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