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Spring Entryway Table

Is it still spring or is it summer yet? The stormy weather and numerous days of rain makes me think spring but then I realize we are now in June! I believe we have two more weeks till the official start of summer! Either way, I think this decor setup could be used for spring, summer, or even fall!

I recently changed out the decor on this Cost Plus World Market entry table. This table is perfect for that rustic farmhouse look... and it has two drawers!

At first I didn't know what to layer behind this metal flower vase piece (from Kirklands). I stared and stared at the wall and tried different things and they all didn't work. I needed soemthing neutral but interesting... like with texture but not distracting. I was thinking something like newspaper print but then I remembered I had some old book pages. I clothespinned pages from The Secret Garden and Anne of Green Gables to my chicken wire frame. It worked and was totally the look I wanted! I'm considering stamping over some of the pages with a black inked stamp of a butterfly or flower... maybe?? maybe not??

The dough bowl is filled with white beans which I saw at a boutique once. A cheap idea for vase filler too... beans! Who knew?! I used repurposed Yoplait glass yogurt jars as votives and alternated them with succulent balls. Then, I draped a beaded garland in the bowl. I would really like to purchase more dough bowls and turn them into large candles!

I visited a new shop in town a few days ago called Summer's Market and the decor is just beautiful! It is very much my style and I could just stay in the shop and look at everything for hours! I saw these LED tapered flickering candles there and I knew I had to have them...and the black iron candlesticks!

Here's the finished look... I hope to one day redo the railings on the stairs but it will have to wait for now. As I said, this decor could be used for spring, summer, OR fall! Just switch out the book pages for some classic Dickens and the flowers for frosted berries in winter. For fall you could do cotton or dried autumn leaves!

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