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About Makerie Day

What exactly
is a
Makerie Day? 

A "Makerie Day" is a day where you allow yourself to explore, experience, make & create! Whether it is making homemade salsa on the front porch or picking fresh fruit from an orchard to make into a pie...a Makerie Day is what you make of it! A Makerie Day can be long or short, uncomplicated, enjoyable, and relaxed. It can be spontaneous or carefully themed and planned out. It is not watching someone else do an activity. It is a day where YOU get to do something that is not your regular routine of going to the movies, going shopping, going out to eat, etc. A Makerie Day can be about getting to try something new, learning a new skill, sharing with others, seeking out new places in town (or out of town!), and being creative! 

"Create the things you wish existed." - Elizabeth Gilbert

How do
I have a 
Makerie Day?
Where can
I host a 
Makerie Day?

A Makerie Day can be as simple as crafting a homemade card yourself or getting a group together to explore how yarn is made from a local sheep farm!  (yes, we did that!)  A Makerie Day is about participating, having fun, and enjoying the process! Follow along on the Makerie Day blog for DIY craft inspiration, recipes, and upcoming pop-up adventures, and local events!


Ideas for Makerie Days:


Go blueberry picking, create hand stamped aprons, and bake great 

grandma's blueberry streusel bread recipe!

Visit a sheep farm, learn from local yarn makers, and try out their spinning wheel! (I did was fun!) 

Can some fruits & vegetables, make homemade labels, tie on pretty ribbon, give the jars to neighbors and friends! 

Invite a local florist to host a flower arranging workshop on your back patio!

Spend the afternoon experimenting with scents and soap making! Wrap with pretty papers and twine!

Host a holiday candle making workshop! 

Have a friend teach a group how to make homemade tamales!

Paint pots and plant an herb garden for summer!

Have guests make a variety of salad dressings, swap recipe cards, and create a salad bar lunch!

Create a fall or spring wreath and stamp floral table napkins!

Host a tea & jewelry making afternoon!

Planning your own Makerie Day? #makerieday on Instagram and let us know about it! It's always fun to see what others are crafting, handmaking, cooking, learning, and doing! 

After all... 

"Creativity is contagious!"

An inspiring environment can actually spark creativity! You can have a Makerie Day at home or at a local venue. Many of our Makerie Days take place right in our very own home. The space is usually themed and decorated to whatever craft or recipe we are going to make. Think about all the areas of your home and even the outdoor spaces! Think outside the box! Would you rather arrange flowers over the kitchen sink or outside under a pretty patio umbrella with lemonade on a sunshiny day?! Our Makerie Day pop up adventures can take place anywhere from a local orchard underneath an apple tree to a flower picking-picnic day in the park!


If you organize a Makerie Day and invite guests... think about what they get to do (create, do, experience), what they will see (how the venue will look), what they will smell (do you have candles burning, a crackling fireplace, potpourri simmering), what they will get to taste (a snack, a bite, a taste), and what they will get to take home (what they made and a fun parting gift)! 

Follow along on Instagram and Facebook for decor, diy's, and recipes!

Click on the FREE PRINTABLES page for recipe cards, gift tags, and more! Stay tuned for upcoming creative experiences and pop-up adventures on the EVENTS page! 

Hi! I'm Christian

I'm a crafter, creator, and maker! 


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